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Cover_lErica’s Blog: A Tool Kit for Fixing What’s Not Working in Your Life


This is another book in the field of self-help for women! How could that possibly be worth writing or publishing? The shelves of bookstores and local libraries are full of titles. Amazon’s lists seem endless. Yet Erica’s Blog proudly proclaims that it’s different and it has a proven track record with individual readers, as a text for group therapy or as an addition to individual therapy. Readers criticize self-help books for “reading too much like textbooks” with “too many pages devoted to analyzing and defining problems.” They also complain they feel “talked down to” by authors who offer simplistic suggestions. Erica’s Blog avoids these pitfalls, presenting respected clinical approaches in a unique “fictionalized” format. Readers get acquainted with Erica through her blog and, as the book progresses, find themselves identifying with her. They can gain validation, comfort, and hopefully, even courage as they observe Erica struggling with—and profiting from—the various “tools” in her “tool kit.” The unique fictional package combining honesty and humor with serious and time-honored clinical tools makes this book a page-turner for the reader.


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