Stress Reduction Workshops, Groups and Retreats

Dr. Brown has found that positive group experiences are powerful ways to accomplish individual goals.


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NEW! WELLNESS SERIES: The Golden Years—Is That All There Is? with Dr. Kendra Brown, psychologist and author

You’ve been coached for decades to save for retirement and let’s hope you managed that challenging responsibility.  Unfortunately, that’s only part of the retirement battle and certainly not the only key to enjoying your “golden years.” You’re not to blame for lack of emotional preparation—the guidebooks are silent on this priority.  Grandpa didn’t live as long as most of us do today and that fact alone means a rewrite of the old plan is required.  Dr. Brown will help you begin the process of making a fulfilling life transition.





WELLNESS SERIES: From Conflict to Opportunity with Dr. Kendra Brown, psychologist and author. 

Each of us likely faces a series of difficult relationships.  It’s how we manage them that matters.  Gain valuable and effective strategies and tools from Transactional Analysis.  Learn to turn stressful conflicts into opportunities to heal and bond.  Dr. Brown brings years of experience in conflict negotiation and cognitive therapy to help you achieve relationship goals—even with those “troublesome significant others.”


Guided Mindful Meditation



Benefits of Meditation
  • Enhance your ability to be think and speak clearly
  • Increase your ability to calm yourself and feel less stressed and/or angry
  • Enhance your knowledge of your own thoughts and feelings as you pay attention and listen to yourself



Dr. Brown uses a three part approach in her meditation training:

Educational – What it’s all about and why it works

In class exercises – Experience Guided relaxation, general meditation, and mindful meditation

Practice by students – Group discussions of what works best and motivation for implementing it in everyday life


Group members typically report increases in an overall sense of peace and well being and say they are amazed that they are able to interact more effectively – and still be calm – in situations that had been stressful in the past.  Members often say they have a new sense of empowerment.

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Healthy Relationships Reduce Stress


The course you didn’t get in college.


Would you like to:

The course you didn’t get in college.

  • Create harmonious connections?
  • Disconnect from dysfunctional ones?
  • Manage current relationships calmly, clearly and more effectively?


Dr. Brown brings tried and true cognitive-behavioral strategies and “tools” to her “Healthy Relationships” classes.  Students are provided with a guided self-help workbook.  They have an opportunity to learn together, practice away from class, and discuss what they learned.

The workbook is styled for ease of reading.  It is written as humorous fiction and students may feel a real kinship to “Erica” the heroine, as she struggles, sometimes succeeds and sometimes fails to master the obstacles and reach her goals for more successful living.


This workshop is designed to help you:

  • Enhance your ability to negotiate – with comfort – in conflicts
  • Increase your ability to “see” the dynamics at work in relationships
  • Enhance your self-acceptance and acceptance of others
  • Improve your sense of well being.

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Stress Reduction Retreats

Retreats are scheduled quarterly- check back for the next Retreat date.

If you are interested in more information about Retreat offerings and dates, send us an email.

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