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As Real Women Talk About the Gifts and Challenges of Aging


 Eavesdropping As Real Women Talk About the Gifts and Challenges of AgingThe millions of women baby boomers who shaped our nation are now leading a wave of aging adults, called by some the “silver Tsunami.”  These women, joined by the generation just preceding them, are the women who started the sexual revolution, marched for civil rights, broke the glass ceiling, ran for President and went to war.  They could – and did – do it all and now, should be enjoying, or preparing to enjoy, the best years of their lives.  So, why have many of these physically well and capable women stopped thriving mid-stream, as if everything worthwhile is behind them?

In Eavesdropping: As Real Women Talk About the Gifts and Challenges of Aging, Dr. Kendra Brown and her assembled group of wise women examine the gifts, pitfalls and pleasures of the aging process.  Their goal is to understand how to face life after 60, into their 70’s, 80’s and beyond, with an open heart, an open mind, and a passion for living.


The story revolves around six actual, highly accomplished, energetic older women. The Pages, as they dubbed themselves, met regularly for three years, candidly discussing the conflicts, triumphs, tragedies and roadblocks that shaped their pasts, as well as anticipated challenges for the future. The content of these discussions is presented in a fictional narrative structure – through the voice of an eavesdropper, who listens in on, and becomes captivated by, the lively and entertaining vignettes.

Back Cover Eavesdropping As Real Women Talk About the Gifts and Challenges of AgingLike the fictional eavesdropper, readers will find themselves engaged in the discussions, identifying with one or more of these women.  Readers may gain validation, comfort, and perhaps courage in the points of view expressed and in the varied life experiences.  The Pages made no attempt to reach the same, “one size fits all” conclusions to their lives’ dilemmas.  Instead, it is their hope that their diverse points-of-view and stories will encourage others to thoughtfully search for their own personally meaningful solutions.

The Pages are united in their determination to live life to the max – no matter what!    Their goal is to invigorate and motivate other women to do the same.  Their examination of thought-provoking issues through lively discussions, laced with honesty, humor and wisdom, makes this book a page-turner for the reader, and hopefully will encourage others to continue reaching for their fullest potentials.

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